Transcription for Authors

Posted on 7th November 2020 • Categories: General, Writers & Publishers

Transcription for Authors

You might think transcription services are limited to businesses and the legal sector. However transcription services can assist a number of people including authors.

Whether it’s a hobby or it’s your full time job, there are a number of ways in which transcription services can be of help to you.

As an author, you may well find that you spend hours sat in front of your keyboard, often staring at a blank screen because you have writer’s block, and then there’s repetitive strain injury (RSI), a deliberating condition brought on from too much typing.

But by recording your thoughts into a Dictaphone or Smartphone, you can make use of a transcription service who will transcribe your recorded thoughts into a fully editable transcript.  As a writer, this will enable you to be more creative and release you from being sat in front of your keyboard for hours on end.

You will be able to record your thoughts and ideas on the go, maybe whilst taking a walk in the park, sat comfortably on a train, or relaxing on a sun lounger by the sea. I’m sure you’d agree with me, that it’s when you’re relaxed, that’s when your brain is most creative.

By using a service such as Midlands Transcription Services to transcribe your recorded thoughts and ideas, this will free up a significant amount of valuable time, allowing you to have that change of scenery away from your keyboard, and allowing you to increase your creativity, productivity and ideas.