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Converting your DVD’s to audio files

Posted on 10th June 2014 • Categories: Converting CD's/DVD's to audio files, Writers & Publishers

Converting your DVD’s to audio files:-

The times clients have requested an urgent transcription from a CD or DVD and have wanted it done urgently, rushing out to the Post Office paying express delivery costs to get it to us the following day.  You can get the audio file to us the same day, even within the same hour.

The software we use to convert CD’s and DVD’s to audio file is called Daniusoft Media Convertor.  There are many others out there which are just as good, but we prefer to use Daniusoft.

It’s very straight forward, just follow the instructions and you can convert your CD or DVD to audio files such as DS2, WMA, DSS, MP3, AMR & WAV.

So next time you need a CD or DVD transcribed in a hurry, there’s no need to panic, its as easy as 1.2.3.

1. Convert the CD or DVD using Daniusoft or another type of media convertor.

2. Save your converted file to a safe place where you can find it.

3. Upload the converted WAV/MP3 to this website and wait for your confirmation email to say we have received it.