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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Transcriptionist

Posted on 15th January 2019 • Categories: Research Companies, Students, Transcription, Writers & Publishers

I was asked, “What do you love about being a virtual transcriptionist?”  My reply, “The free education that comes with it”. 

Over the last seven years I have learnt so much from working with a wide range of clients, which have included, surveyors, solicitors, NHS, focus group meetings, government work, even police work.

My absolute favourite has got to be student interviews because they can be about anything from psychology, religion, right through to sports and fashion.  I don’t think there’s much that I haven’t typed about.

Sometimes I actually feel like I am in the room with the interviewer and interviewee when the subject is really interesting.  My brain now carries a wealth of knowledge compared to seven years ago and I actually get paid for learning new things!