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The difference between a Transcriptionist & an Audio Typist

Posted on 22nd September 2016 • Categories: Transcription

The difference between a Transcriptionist & an Audio Typist:-
I’m always getting asked what I actually do because many people don’t understand what the job of a transcriptionist entails and what the difference between an audio typist and a transcriptionist is. I offer both services and I’m going to attempt to explain the difference between them both. Here goes…An audio typist is someone who specialises in typing text from an audio source which they listen to, using headphones and a foot pedal. The source is usually recorded onto electronic files created by someone dictating into a Dictaphone.A transcriptionist is similar to an audio typist, but the audio source is more likely to be a recording of someone speaking naturally instead of a dictation. Work is delivered using CDs, DVDs, or electronic files. The work is varied which includes typing up transcripts from TV shows, interviews, talks, lectures and meetings, etc.