How long does Transcription really take?

Posted on 18th November 2020 • Categories: General, Students, Transcription

How long does transcription really take?

The short answer is four times the length; 1 hour of recording will take 4 to 6 hours to transcribe. A professional transcriber will type between 80 – 100 words per minute.  Apparently, on average we speak 140 words per minute.

But if the recording is of poor quality with muffled and overlapping voices, the speakers talk quickly or have a strong accent, this can add on extra time. Then of course there is the proof reading which should be done at least twice; so this is more time to be factored in.

Therefore, if the quality of the recording is poor, just remember, that as well as adding on extra time for the typist, this will also add extra pounds onto your budget!

To minimise your transcription costs, use quality recording equipment, speak clearly and record your audio in a quiet place with minimal background noise.