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Focus Groups & Conferences

Whether you are a student conducting one-on-one interviews, an organisation/business  that require an important conference with speakers and Q & A’s to be transcribed, or a market research company carrying out focus group discussions, Midlands Transcription Services can provide you with a fast, professional and cost effective transcription service.

Midlands Transcription Services have extensive experience in transcribing one to one interviews, lectures, seminars, conferences, Q&A sessions and focus group market research interviews. You will be provided with fully proofread transcripts to ensure that your documentation is as accurate as possible and that you get the information that you need. Whatever your field of research, this can be accommodated for. It is always helpful if you can supply a list of key words, names or any background material, as this will always help to ensure accuracy.

Clients who use this service on a regular basis include charities, journalists, governments, students, universities & market research companies.

All work remains highly confidential and is deleted from the system after seven days.

Listed below is a handful of the types of group discussions that can be transcribed.

  • One to One Interviews Transcription
  • Line Numbering Transcription
  • Recorded Telephone Interview Transcription
  • Consumer Forum Transcription
  • Conference Transcription
  • Transcription for Group Discussions
  • Student one to one Interviews
  • Student Telephone Interviews
  • Transcription of Conference Calls
  • Skype Conference Calls & Interviews

I love working with students and continue to provide transcription services to graduate and PhD students, professors and researchers at universities around the UK. Students are entitled to a discount as understandably they are operating to tight budgets but still require a first class service. As there is no vat to pay, this also represents a significant saving for students.

Transcripts can be provided as ‘verbatim’ transcripts (including all the erms, ahs) or ‘intelligent verbatim’ (excluding erms, ahs). Participants are identified using their initials each time they speak. Line numbering may be added throughout the transcript if required.

The file upload facility is SSL secure and convenient to use.  Accepted audio files include MP3, DS2, WMA, AMR and WAV for transcription that can be delivered in MS Word, html or pdf.

I am happy to sign any specific confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement that you require. Midlands Transcription Services is registered with the ICO and complies with Data Protection Act Information & Security. No personal data is stored or passed onto third parties. If you would like more information about transcription services, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, call us on 01543 428078 or send us an enquiry.