Property & Surveying Transcription

Posted on 6th December 2019 • Categories: Transcription

One Benefit of outsourcing Property and Surveying Transcription is that it is a less expensive option than employing full time admin staff, especially during quiet periods where you would still have to pay them for down time.

With over 20 years experience working for Chartered Building & Quantity Surveyors, we are able to produce a number of documents, from letters and memos to various reports all produced from your dictations. 

If you were to outsource your typing, you only pay for the work that’s actually done. Therefore you are not paying for down time, toilet breaks etc; you only pay for the audio minutes that are typed.

So you would know up front the total cost of let’s say, having a standard 45 minute Building Survey Report typed on a WORD document using your own template, where the recording is clear with minimal background noise – TOTAL COST – £51.75. It’s a no brainer! 

Schedules typed in Excel can also be accommodated for, as well as RICS software such as ProForms.  All that’s needed is your login details.  Please feel free to call and discuss your reqirements.