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Recording or Note Taking

Posted on 6th July 2015 • Categories: Transcription

Recording or Note Taking?

Grievances within the Workplace – Benefits of using an outside Transcription Company


Many organisations today are having to deal with individuals not getting on for whatever reason and they are turning to their HR departments to provide mediation. Mediation gets the parties talking to each other to air their grievances and find a solution for getting on and working amicably together within the workplace.

Whether it’s just a couple of individuals who don’t get along or a large group of people who are finding it difficult to get on with just one individual, mediation is a suitable means for letting everyone have their say and getting to the bottom of the problem. Often something has been taken out of context and it builds and builds over time just like a volcano and eventually erupts!

Recording the meeting:

So you’ve set up a meeting, therefore concentration and accuracy is paramount. Everyone wants to have their say and at times more than one person will be talking as tensions rise. Recording the meeting rather than someone sitting there taking notes will ensure 100% accuracy so nothing is wrote down incorrectly. If meeting notes are passed on to someone else to type, words can be misread or documented incorrectly. Having a recording enables you to listen to the meeting again just in case there was anything that was missed.

Before you begin:

Use the correct recording equipment. There are many suppliers of dictation and recording software out there, such as Olympus or Philips offering specialist equipment for recording meetings and discussions. If you don’t have recording equipment you can use a Smart Phone.

Record in a quiet room.  Transcriptionists will be able to work quicker and more effectively if there is little background noise on the recording to distract from what is being said by the individuals. Minimise interruptions by keeping windows closed. Even the noise of birds tweeting, dogs barking, car horns hooting and buses going past can be a huge distraction for the transcriptionist.

Ask everyone present to introduce themselves before they begin to ensure that all participants can be heard clearly and this also helps the transcriber to identify each individual to ensure what is being said is matched to the correct person. Reduce over talking in the meeting.  This often happens in mediation due to people getting angry and emotional. Let individuals finish what they are saying without interruptions.