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Sermons and Religious Talks

Posted on 28th January 2019 • Categories: Research Companies, Students, Transcription, Writers & Publishers

Midlands Transcription Services are often asked to transcribe Sermons and Religious Talks.  We have transcribed sermons that have been spoken in church and talks that are given from leaders delivering a message to listeners regarding a certain faith.  They can be recorded as audio or videos files and shown on TV or YouTube etc.

The transcript can be used in a church newsletter, magazine or posted on your website blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or other social media pages.

Many people search online to find answers and to look into the Bible and what it teaches.  There is a transcription of the whole Bible on the internet along with voiceover.  Studying the Bible can be very challenging, plus there is a lot to read!  So it is good to have the option of whether to read or listen.

It takes less time to read a transcript than to listen to the whole sermon, and people with hearing difficulties need to be able to have the option to read the transcript. The transcript can be printed for study purposes, and useful points such as Bible verses can be highlighted for reference. Whatever your reason for needing your sermon or talk transcribed, we will be happy to work with you.