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Voice Recognition Software

Posted on 23rd September 2016 • Categories: Students, Transcription, Writers & Publishers

Voice Recognition Software is an Absolute No No for Midlands Transcription Services

Voice recognition software turns speech into text as you talk into the system and it transcribes what you say. This is useful for people with disabilities that can make typing on a keyboard a difficult task. Some people use this system because they find talking easier than typing – well so they think!

Voice recognition is not always accurate and it will not always put your words on the screen correctly. The programme cannot understand language the way humans can. When humans talk to each other, we understand what is being said. Voice recognition software cannot do this, it cannot differentiate between words such as “there” and “their”. Also, it cannot understand slang words or abbreviations such as “bits’n bobs” or “RSVP”. If you have a strong accent, you will face great difficulty with voice recognition decoding your speech into text, you have to talk clearly and consistently at all times to minimize errors. It will also have problems recognising speech if for instance you have a cold, a cough or a sore throat.

Many people think that voice recognition software will speed up the process, but in fact it does the opposite. You will have to allow plenty of time to proofread and correct errors. Trying to speak punctuations will increase these errors, as the software is not complex enough to understand the command, and any background noise including other people speaking will confuse the programme, so this is definitely not a good idea to use if you work in a busy office environment.

The other downside is that you can develop physical side effects such as hoarseness, vocal strain and a dry mouth and muscle strain affecting your health immensely.