Private Investigators

Posted on 15th April 2024 • Categories: Legal Investigations

Private investigation can take many forms, and none are usually quite so glamorous as they appear on TV.  But the task required of the private investigator is to record information and the need to do this as efficiently and accurately as possible is paramount in doing the job well.

Transcripts provide a clear and verifiable record of interviews, surveillance, testimonies, and interactions, saving time and ensuring accuracy in investigations.

The process of recording a high volume of information, however, can easily begin to overwhelm the private investigation professional’s work day. Daily audio notes can quickly pile up, and searching for the right piece of information in an audio file can be frustrating.

A transcriptionist can make quick work of converting important audio notes into formatted, searchable text, making both the day-to-day and culminating investigative efforts of a private investigator much simpler.