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Midlands Transcription Services Terms

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all work undertaken by Midlands Transcription Services. A copy of these Terms and Conditions will appear on the website of Midlands Transcription Services.

  1. Quotes can be given through enquiries made via the online contact form https://midlandstranscriptionservices.co.uk/contact-us, via the online quote form https://midlandstranscriptionservices.co.uk/quote, or you can call the landline telephone number to discuss your requirements in more depth.
  2. The acceptance of a quote for services from existing/new clients, shall be deemed as  confirmation that they have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Midlands Transcription Services reserves the right to up-date or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Clients are advised that it is their responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions for any changes, prior to accepting quotes or submitting payments or services.
  4. Before work commences, clients must provide full contact details, including  name, company name, address and a landline telephone number.
  5. Quotes that are provided to clients are based on information provided to Midlands Transcription Services by the client and form the basis of any work undertaken.  Although every effort is made to provide you with an accurate quote, this depends on the information provided by you.
  6. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise which will prevent work carried out by Midlands Transcription Services being completed on time, you will be notified at our earliest opportunity. You will be advised of the reason for the delay and the likely time scale of the delay. There will be no additional charge for the delay.
  7. It is your responsibility to advise Midlands Transcription Services of any deadlines for the completion of your work. Midlands Transcription Services cannot be held  accountable for delays where we have been not been informed of specific deadlines.
  8. All private individuals (not businesses, companies or large organisations) will be required to pay 100% of the quoted fee before work commences. This money shall be held on account until the work has been completed. Should any circumstance arise where the work cannot be completed, then Midlands Transcription Services shall return all monies to that private individual.
  9. Should you suspend or cancel any part of your work, Midlands Transcription Service is entitled to retain payment for work already carried out, plus any additional expenses incurred.
  10. Midlands Transcription Services do not transcribe from any secret recordings, whether it be from a mobile phone or from a telephone conversation.
  11. Midlands Transcription Services reserves the right to cancel or reject any work which is considered illegal or immoral.
  12. Statutory rights as a customer remain unaffected by these Terms and Conditions.
  13. Emails, documents and files submitted to Midlands Transcription Services will be scanned for viruses. Any email, document or file that appears suspect will not be opened and will automatically be deleted from our system.
  14. Midlands Transcription Services reserves the right to update or amend any quote, should you alter or amend your original order, either prior to or during the completion of said work. In these circumstances, any additional payments required must be made to Midlands Transcription Services prior to the commencement of the alterations or amendments.
  15. Any additional services such as printing and postage will incur additional cost.
  16. Should Midlands Transcription Services agree to any associated travel, clients will be  required to pay for this at a rate of £0.45 per mile.
  17. Should you agree to a quote but fail to pay for the service required, Midlands Transcription Services will not begin work until such time as the payment for said work has been made.
  18. Upon completion of the order, Midlands Transcription Services will issue an invoice for payment.
  19. Midlands Transcription Services will amend any discrepancies made by ourselves as long as the work is returned to us within three days of you receiving it. Please note where accents are concerned, we will type the word as it sounds or put the time of the unrecognisable word(s) in brackets (00:00) for you to refer back to.
  20. Any additions or changes made by yourselves will incur additional costs based on £25 per hour.
  21. All audio files and videos will be deleted from our system after 7 days of completing the work that Midlands Transcription Services have been instructed to carry out.
  22. Any overdue payments will accrue interest at a rate of 8% over Bank of England rate   per day on the outstanding balance from the date of the invoice until full payment is received.
  23. Should a client paying for services by cheque have their cheque returned to Midlands Transcription Services unpaid, any bank costs incurred by Midlands Transcription Services will be invoiced to the client, along with a fee of £5.00 levied by Midlands Transcription Services. In these circumstances, work will be suspended until such time that payments are made.

Disclaimer Notice:

We endeavour to ensure that work carried out is to the highest standard, fulfils clients’ instructions and requirement and is completed on time. Please be aware however that the presentation, accuracy and completion time of any finished document is entirely dependent on the information provided by the Client to Midlands Transcription Services and is ultimately the responsibility of the client.

A downloadable copy of these Terms and Conditions is available.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, call us on 01543 428078 or send us an enquiry.