Our sectors

Fraud, Legal & Disciplinaries

We are often requested to transcribe recorded meetings of a highly confidential and sensitive nature, including fraud investigations, under caution police interviews and workplace disciplinaries.

Midlands Transcription Services have been instructed on many occasions to provide transcripts of confidential interviews within the workplace, whether this be a small company or a large organisation, for legal matters such as police under caution interviews, fraud investigations, including benefit and tenancy fraud within council authorities.  So we have a vast amount of experience of transcribing interviews which are of a highly sensitive nature.

The main priority of this business is to provide an accurate and efficient typing service suited to your needs and in the legal industry, confidentiality and accuracy is vital. All transcripts and audio files are deleted from the system seven days from the customer receiving the finished work, allowing plenty of time to make sure they are happy with the final drafts.

Barristers & Solicitors

Having provided typing support for many legal firms, we are able to transcribe legal documents such as Wills, Leases, Witness Statements, Attendance Notes, Memorandums, plus general correspondence including letters & emails. This service helps to free up time for their support staff to concentrate on the administration duties that can only be done in-house.

Fraud Investigation Interviews

One of the most important ways that transcription services help in a fraud case is by actually recording the interviews when people are accused. Multiple interviews are usually conducted, and these help the investigating officer find out whether the facts that are being told don’t match up.  After all, it’s hard for many people to tell the same story twice, especially when they aren’t telling the truth in the first place, confusing even for trained investigators to find out the true facts.

Under Caution Police Interviews 

When interviews are being used for legal investigations, we have to provide a complete transcript of every spoken word.  We are committed to extract and transcribe sensitive material that needs to be completely verbatim for legal purposes. The transcripts are often read out in court, so concentration is key, in order to pick up every spoken word, sigh, cough, mutter etc.

Disciplinary Hearings

By having a disciplinary hearing transcribed in verbatim, you will have a full account of what has been said, including all the swear words, threats towards the interviewer, and anything else that might come in useful if matters are taken further. Because of the sensitive nature of a disciplinary hearing, it can be hard for all parties involved to stay focused and on track. Keeping notes on what is said is not easy, particularly when there are several people all talking at once. Making an audio recording of the meeting enables you to have everything transcribed, in detail.

Data Protection

Any information or knowledge that is gained in the process of typing your work will not be disclosed to anybody else unless required by law. We are happy to sign any specific confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement that you require. Midlands Transcription Services is registered with the ICO and complies with Data Protection Act Information & Security. Under no circumstances is any personal data stored or passed onto third parties.

Uploading Your Files

The file upload facility is secure and convenient to use. Your sensitive audio files will always remain private as this business uses the same level of SSL security as many large online retailers, keeping your personal details and files safe when you send them via the website. Your files can only be accessed directly from a secure administration area for a limited time. Your files will be permanently deleted once finished with.

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