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Media, Publishers & Podcasts

Midlands Transcription Services offer a reliable and professional transcription service for writers, publishers, radio, television & production companies.

Confidential media services for writers, publishers, radio, television & production companies, transcribing from podcasts, videos, group interviews and much more.

A specialist time stamping service allows for synchronisation of the transcript and respective audio or video file.


Podcasts are becoming a fast medium of communication in business, radio & entertainment. With a global audience, podcasts need to be effective and not to get cluttered with slang vocabulary or local accents. People who listen to podcasts use the contents for further referencing and research and  the ready availability of an accurate text to read side by side could be of great help.


Video transcripts are useful to production companies, they enable the use of  editing & subtitles, having a video transcript can make life easier by saving you time and effort when it comes to producing the best final edit possible.


When collecting research data for a book project, it is important to keep a careful track of your records and notes. A lot of authors these days use an audio recorder in their interviews so that they can refer to the subject’s exact words more readily. Transcribing these recordings allows for easier analysis by the author as it allows you to search for keywords, better analyse themes and pull quotes at a glance rather than searching through your recording to find the important messages to highlight. Another service Midlands Transcription Services offers is line numbering, this enables authors/publishers to be able to refer back to certain areas of a script for editing purposes, without having to scroll through pages and pages of text.

As a writer, you may also choose to record yourself speaking instead of sitting in front of a computer screen or a blank piece of paper. That way you can just talk without thinking about grammar, spelling, layout etc.

Send us your recordings

Midlands Transcription Services makes it easy for you to submit your recordings for transcription. You can either send  CDs by post or you can upload audio files straight to the website. Accepted audio files include formats such as MP3, DS2, WMA, AMR and WAV. Transcribed documents can be delivered in MS Word, html or pdf. Just send your preferred template or this can be provided for you at no extra cost. With the beauty of online technology, you can be in the UK or on the other side of the world, maybe lazing by the beach writing the next chapter of your book and at the click of a button you can send your audio file over ready for transcribing and the fully proofread transcript will be emailed back to you once complete.

If you would like more information about any media transcription, please get in touch. In the meantime, why not take a look at some testimonials received from some very happy customers.


For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, call us on 01543 428078 or send us an enquiry.